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Unlike some other companies, we prefer to quote hire pricing based the individual situation rather than maintain a fixed price list.

Individual "Driveway" equipment hire

Only some of our inventory is available on a take-away hire basis. The quoted pricing takes into account the amount of equipment taken, the duration of the hire, the location of the venue(s), and an assessment of possible risks. This approach results in more competitive pricing than fixed lists.

Manned Production

Where personnel are required to deliver, set up, and operate the equipment, we consider that the hirer is then contracting a "production" rather than hiring individual equipment. As such, quoted pricing will be based on our assessment of job complexity, required personnel, travelling & accomodation expenses, and operating times, rather than adding up individual equipment prices. We will then pick whatever items we need from our inventory to satisfy the production requirements.


Please phone, fax or email us with your requirements for a competitive quotation